About us

Who we are

We’ve been listening to the seasons for over 20 years…

Noryak is a local company, started in 2017 but with 25 years of experience on the waters of the Mingan Islands archipelago, on the Magpie River and on the coastal lands or inland of Minganie. At Noryak, we love and know our region, its every nook and cranny, its secrets of flora and fauna, its stories. We have been listening to the beat of the seasons for over 20 years and we share this immense love with those who wish to visit it. This makes it easy to speak directly with the guide to have your trip adapted and discuss your preferences. At Noryak, the guides are above all specialists in their adventure terrain, their detailed knowledge of the territory and of their sport makes the difference in the details of the expedition.

Our adventure philosophy

We are passionate about our part of the country and we like to help you discover it, as we would with friends. We put all our energies so that you can relax, surpass yourself, recharge your batteries. Our in-depth knowledge of the territory guarantees you safety, discovery and an authentic experience.

The participants of our adventures are beautiful humans

Noryak Aventures attracts the best guides and the best travelers. By traveling with us, you are guaranteed a positive experience. All the members of the group are beautiful humans and our adventures are often the beginning of future friendships. We don’t need to demand good humor and a positive attitude; it goes without saying for the paddlers who share our adventures. This allows us to keep our team and continue, with you, to create these magical moments that forge the memories of a lifetime.


Participant assis dans un kayak de mer lors d'une sortie guidée

Sustainable development at the heart of our practices

We try our best to offer you the greatest possible service while maintaining the delicate balance between ecological integrity, social equity and sustainable economy. Easier said than done, you say? We are constantly looking to improve. Contact us to learn more about our commitment and learn how to contribute to a better world.



Our team

“Guiding is much more than just knowing your playground; it is to become one with him »

With all the praise our guides receive, it is clear that they are really good and really know the territory they are guiding. Our guides are passionate, talented, intelligent, happy, positive and pleasant.


Food at the heart of the experience

Sharing our region with you also means sharing our culinary terroir. As gourmets, we make every effort to offer you the freshest, most local, most authentic products, our partners and sometimes our guides make sure to put the tasty touch coming from our boreal forest, the gulf or seaside plants.


Repas de gastronomie locale fruits de mer en camping

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