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12-day expedition

Sea-kayaking the Lower-North-Shore


7 days sea-kayaking expedition.
12 days, 11 nights. 

AREA : Tête-à-la-Baleine, Lower-North-Shore, Québec.

Departure from Havre-Saint-Pierre

DISTANCE : around 100 km by kayak (10 to 20 kilometers per day in average)

PRICE PER PERSON : to determinate

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Small groups : 1 guide for 6 participants


Tentes sur la mousse de l'île Providence, près de Tête-à-la-Baleine

Cruise on th Bella-Desgagnés

représentation graphique de la pratique du kayak de mer lors d'excursions de Noryak Aventures sur la Côte-Nord


icône représentant la pratique du camping sauvage en nature sur la Côte-Nord du Québec

Wild camping

Cultural experience with Voyages CoSTE

Trip dates

Many islands : the Lower-North-Shore

A sea strewn with islands or a land strewn with waters? Hundreds of islands dot the Lower North Shore, a land of light and mist which is a true paradise for sea kayaking. A destination often ignored because of its isolation, it is a wild coastline which offers so many different itinerary options to navigate through archipelagos, islets of coastal tundra, fjord-like passages, seabird refuges, sheltered bays and mouths of salmon rivers.

Although the weather can sometimes be difficult in this wild and remote corner of the country, the numerous islands in this area generally offer the possibility of finding sheltered passages from the sea and the waves.

Arriving by sea, we will also have the opportunity to visit several villages not yet connected by road to introduce ourselves to the Coaster way of life.

Kayak de mer près de l'île du petit-mécatina
Vue aérienne du navire ravitailleur au village de Harrington Harbour
Kayak de mer devant les chutes de la rivière du petit mécatina
Randonnée sur l'île du Petit-Mécatina
Campeurs dégustant un souper de crabes sur le feu en plein air durant une expédition de kayak

Day 1: On the Bella-Desgagnés

Early in the morning, around 5 a.m., we meet at the port of Havre-Saint-Pierre to board the Bella-Desgagnés towards the Lower North Shore. The ship makes stops in Natashquan, Kegaska and La Romaine during the day, offering the possibility of short walking tours. We spend the night on the supply boat.
Navigating to the Lower North Shore aboard the Bella-Desgagnés is a journey in itself. The journey is long, but allows you to have a full view. This is no ordinary cruise; the main mission of the Bella-Desgagnés is to supply remote communities and provide a maritime link for the inhabitants of these villages not connected by the road network.

Day 2 : Harrington Harbour and Tête-à-la-Baleine

We arrive in the morning at Harrington Harbor, a fishing village located on an island, made famous thanks to the film The Great Seduction. In the morning, walking tour of the village and its historical monuments along the wooden sidewalks that make this island village so special. Then, the ship resumes its course towards Tête-à-la-Baleine. We will take the afternoon to visit this village and prepare for our kayak departure the next day.

Days 3 to 4 : Petit-Mécatina River

In the morning, we load the kayaks and set off. A good day on the water awaits us. We will paddle towards the west, towards the mouth of the Petit-Mécatina river, to set up our first camp there. This river is one of the most important on the North Shore, and falls flow directly into its mouth. It is currently being studied for Hydro-Québec dam projects.
Depending on the weather, we could keep our camp a second night to admire the falls and take a detour to visit the abandoned village of Aylmer-Sound.

Day 5 : Petit-Mécatina island

This island is not small at all with its 15 kilometers in length. To the south, granite hills rise above the sea, offering superb hiking opportunities to gain another perspective on this landscape of islands and tundra.

Days 6 and 7 : Providence island

We move our camp again to head towards the magnificent archipelago of Tête-à-la-Baleine. In the evening, we will pitch our tents on the moss of the treeless islands, overlooking the sea. Here, one could literally spend weeks exploring the many islands and islets dotted across the sea. Notable, among others, is the beautiful Providence Island where there is a heritage church and fishermen’s houses, as well as Kanty Island, which is home to a cemetery where the legendary Jos Hébert is buried.

Days 8 and 9 : Towards Mutton-Bay

Further east, we will look for passages between the islands. We reserve one more day to explore the area. For example, we could stay in the same camp for two nights, go kayaking without luggage or even take a day off at camp if the weather is less favorable.
A portage allows you to arrive in the bay of Mutton-Bay without exposing yourself to the point which overlooks the open sea. We will take a break to visit the village on foot, before continuing our journey.

Day 10 : La Tabatière

After a night spent in a comfortable seaside lodge, welcomed by a lobster fisherman, we will take the day to visit the village of La Tabatière, before embarking on the Bella Desgagnés late in the evening on its return route.

Days 11 and 12 : Return on the Bella-Desgagnés

On the way back, it is an opportunity to contemplate the journey taken from another point of view, from the deck of the ship. We will spend two nights on the supply boat, before arriving in Havre-Saint-Pierre early in the morning, after 12 days of expedition.

Expedition trip - Advanced level - experience required​

This trip is aimed at those who have already had some sea kayaking experience and have a good base of camping experience. Participants will ideally have traveled with us before or demonstrate the abilities necessary for this adventure. We will paddle with loaded kayaks and may encounter variable sea conditions. However, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will ensure safety and choose the best possible routes according to the navigation conditions. This is a good way to gain more experience if you eventually want to carry out your own independent expeditions. Contact us to find out if this trip is right for you.

Throughout the trip, you will be part of the team and will be called upon to participate in camp tasks as well as navigation on the water. As it is the sea that largely decides our progress, we must be open to modifications to the planned itinerary and know how to adjust when the situation requires it.

Particularly on the Lower North Shore, as there are no roads and the weather can be changeable, unforeseen events are common!

What's included

Kayakiste chargeant ses équipements dans son kayak de mer lors d'une expédition en Basse-Côte-Nord

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