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4-day trip

Sea-kayaking in the Mingan islands

DURATION : 4 days, 3 nights

AREA : Grande île, Mingan Archipelago, North Shore, Québec.

Departure from Havre-Saint-Pierre

DISTANCE : 10 to 15 kilometers per day in average

MINIMUM AGE : 12 years and older (or 9 years old for special family trips)

– Adults : 1387 $ (taxes not included)
– Youth 12 to 17 years : 1142 $ (taxes not included)

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Groups of 5 to 11 participants, with 1 or 2 Noryak guides


Kayak double flottant sur une mer calme au lever du soleil dans l'archipel de Mingan
représentation graphique du transport organisé en zodiac pour les excursions de Noryak Aventures sur la Côte-Nord

Zodiac transportation

icône représentant la pratique du kayak de rivière dans les rapides


icône représentant la pratique du camping sauvage en nature sur la Côte-Nord du Québec

Comfortable camping

Meals included

Trip dates

The beautiful Grande île

Grande Île is located in the heart of the Mingan archipelago. It is the largest and one of the wildest islands in the archipelago. It is home to several impressive groupings of monoliths, called the Castle and the Zoo. Its cliffs are unique and imposing, and the waters surrounding it are also a good place to encounter marine mammals. Few visitors have the chance to visit this island.

Our base camp on this island is located in a sheltered bay. The central location of this island allows us several navigation options throughout our stay. Every day, depending on the weather, the group’s abilities and interests, the guide will offer different options of kayaking or hiking day trips. Because we have the time to let nature surprise us, we will seize the opportunity to meet a whale spotted offshore, a gathering of gray seals or the dazzling dives of hundreds of gannets.

Fleurs rares et monolithes sur la grande ile, archipel de mingan

Noryak's basecamp

This trip is all about comfort. We provide comfortable and spacious canvas tents, set up on wooden platforms. You will sleep on camp beds with quality inflatable mattresses. We have on site a hot shower system, a mosquito net shelter (although there a few mosquitoes), complete cookware and camping chairs. For this package, we use Parks Canada facilities, to which we add a touch of comfort to fully appreciate the present moment.

The advantage of the base camp is that it allows us to paddle in the early hours of the morning, at sunset or even to take a nighttime excursion if there is a bioluminescent show or if the night is clear and the Milky Way is especially bright. The basecamp gives us time to enjoy this magical and timeless place. You will be able to take photos at sunrise or sunset, laugh late in the evening by the fire, or even relax at the camp if you do not wish to follow the proposed activity.The base camp also gives the guide more time to cook good food.


An outdoor gastronomy experience​

We take great care in cooking and we focus on freshness and simplicity. We believe that eating «true» is an integral part of a journey like this. We strive to compose meals with fresh and local products.

Our fish and seafood comes directly from fishermen or from the local fishery. The majority of tasty vegetables are grown by our partners at Le Grenier Boréal organic farms, located in Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan. The berries and herbal teas that you will taste are picked by Camy-Anne, our specialist in boreal forest products.

Obviously, as seafaring coastal dwellers, we focus on fresh fish and seafood, but we also have other tasty menus. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, we make sure the meals are right for you when you register.

Repas de gastronomie locale fruits de mer en camping
Kayak de mer Grande île falaises de l'ouest

Day 1: Leaving Havre-Saint-Pierre

We will meet the morning of departure at the Havre-Saint-Pierre wharf, to board the zodiac which will cross us towards Grande Île. Once all our equipment is loaded on the boat, it will take us approximately 30 minutes to reach the island. This shuttle is an opportunity to observe marine animals, smell the salty air and get a first glimpse of the different islands of the archipelago as you pass.

We will take the morning to set our camp for the next three nights. After dinner, the sea-kayaking equipment is distributed… and tested! After a short kayak training, we take our first paddle strokes in the bay, and out to sea, depending on the sea conditions.

From day 2 to day 4

After a tasty breakfast, we meet to establish the day’s proposals. Depending on the weather and currents, the guide suggests a kayak route. We could leave for a few hours, have dinner on another island, and return at the end of the afternoon. In case of strong winds, we could stay on land, go hiking or bird watching. On average, 10 to 15 kilometers are covered per day. We will mainly navigate around Grande Île and Quarry Island.

At any time, at base camp, you can take the pace you prefer. You can go along on the kayak excursion, or decide to stay at camp, relax or walk on the shores of the island.

On day 4, we will have the opportunity to enjoy one last day discovering the islands of the Mingan archipelago. The zodiac takes us back to Havre-Saint-Pierre at the end of the afternoon. We will then leave the archipelago behind us, our heads already full of memories.

Contemplative trip - Easy level - no experience required​

There is a basic kayak course before departure.
Since we have set up camp, we travel with light kayaks that are easier to paddle.
We have the support of a zodiac that can come and join us anywhere for assistance in the event of a problem.
A person who has never done any sea-kayaking before can participate. We offer the possibility of using double kayaks (very stable) or solo kayaks (on request for slightly more experienced paddlers)
Departure is always assured (except in extreme conditions) because we have the support of a boat to shuttle to the islands.

What's included :

Kayaks de mer accostés sur une plage à la pointe du noroit de grande ile de l'archipel de mingan

What you need to bring :

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Adult : 1387$

Youth (12 to 17 years) : 1142$

*Prices before taxes. The cost per person includes : 1% for the Planet.

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