You want to take a trip, but the dates don’t work? You have a group with a different travel idea? Take advantage of our more than 20 years of experience organizing trips on the North Shore and let us organize something that suits you.

Noryak Aventures guides have a rich experience on the North Shore and in varied fields of interest.

We know our territory intimately and can arrange a special itinerary for your private group.

Private groups

Do you want to organize a trip with your group of friends? It is possible to book one of our existing trips for your group. Contact us to evaluate the possibilities.

Custom expeditions

Whether on the islands or on the rivers, by kayak, by canoe or by rafting, we have all the equipment and experience necessary to organize your dream expedition on the north-coastal territory. Tell us about your adventure plans!

Schools and organized groups

We can accommodate school or organized groups at the Grande Île base camp (Mingan archipelago) and up to 18 people on a trip down the Magpie River.

Family trips

We can organize a trip suitable for families with young children or teenagers. Our base camp in the Mingan archipelago adapts particularly well to this formula.


Saint-Luc high school on the Magpie River

In 2022, 10 young people from Saint-Luc secondary school in Montreal rafted down the Magpie River. Guided by Noryak and accompanied by Roy Dupuis as well as a team of filmmakers, the stay allowed young people from urban environments to discover this majestic territory and led to the production of the documentary Après la Romaine.

Ekuanitshit groups at the Grande Île base camp

Every year, organized groups of youth and adults from the Innu community of Ekuanitshit (Mingan) come to stay at our base camp on the Grande Île to connect with the territory and spend time on the Uinipeikut. In the past, we have also organized trips down the Magpie River (Muteshekau Shipu) with members of the community.

An “extreme” expedition in the Lower North Shore

In June 2022, a group of friends set themselves a challenge: a kayak-camping expedition on the Lower North Shore. The objective was to leave from the end of the 138 road, in Kegaska, to go by sea-kayak to the Innu community of La Romaine (Unamen-Shipu), 50 kilometers further east.
This area proved to be one of the most difficult to navigate – rocky shores exposed to swell and sometimes impossible to land ashore. After a first day of good weather, strong winds and rain for several days then prevented the group from arriving at their destination. Fortunately, thanks to local contacts, we were able to travel the rest of the way by boat to stay near the community of La Romaine. On site, a cultural lobster fishing activity was then organized by an Innu guide. In addition to the challenges, the discovery of a wild territory and cultural encounters also marked this trip.

A family adventure in the Mingan islands

In 2020, we guided two families with sporty teenagers on a sea kayaking expedition in the Mingan Archipelago. Starting from the mouth of the Romaine River, we loaded our kayaks and spent two nights wild camping on one of the islands in Romaine Bay, thanks to special permission from Parks Canada. We then left the coast to spend two more nights on Quarry Island and see some of the most special monoliths of the archipelago. One of the highlights of this trip was undoubtedly the long crossing of the Mingan channel in the thick fog, staying on course using the compass while being surprised by marine mammals several times along the way.

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